Residential Composting Service in Salida, Buena Vista & Poncha Springs

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Who we are

EMC is dedicated to reducing waste and creating high quality compost.  Using ingredients  sourced from local outlets, we are producing blends that suit the needs of any gardener or small scale farmer in Chaffee County. 



Mountain compost

Where we work

We are fortunate to work where we love to live, in the beautiful Arkansas River  Valley.  Our compost enjoys views of 14,000-foot peaks and stays warm in sunny Salida...

Chaffee County Composting
Leaf and Yard Waste Collection


New Community Compost Drop-Off location in Poncha Springs, CO.  Keep food scraps and yard waste out of the landfill - we'll take household organics and turn it in to great soil!  Sign Up

Building Soil through Community

Closing the loop on local food waste



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Chaffee County Composting

Finished Compost for sale year-round

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