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Gathering Grounds & Boathouse Cantina join the Composting Family
February 2019 - Two new businesses are reducing their carbon footprint by sending their food scraps, coffee grounds and compostable to-go boxes to EMC.

Surf Hotel becomes first BV composting business
Fall 2018 - We are now offering commercial compost pick-up in Buena Vista, and Surf Hotel signed up before they even finished construction!

50 Burger is Composting
July 2016 - Salida's newest burger joint is cranking out over 60 gallons of food scraps for compost every week.  Try their fires and know that any unused scraps are going to good use!

Cafe Dawn On Board
April 2016 - Cafe Dawn joined the Elements Mountain Compost team of local contributors!  Their coffee grounds & kitchen scraps are helping build this season's compost!

Got Grapes?!
February 2016 - Vino Salida's spent grapes are perfect for composting and the smell will almost make you tipsy!

Heading to Shed-Fest 10.17.15
Find us at CCFA's annual harvest festival to dispose of your dinnerware and check out samples of our product's.  We'll be composting at the event and we'll have a booth with info and coupons for spring garden amendments.  Hope to see you there.

Hospital Top Composter of 2015!
Congratulations to Heart of the Rockies Medical Center for composting 900 gallons of food scraps this summer! We are always looking to sign more commercial kitchens up to save their scraps from going into the landfill.

We're Collecting
Commercial kitchen food scraps, wood chips and leaves!

News from the pile...

Residential Drop-Off now available!

We're partnering with GARNA and Chaffee Green to offer compost drop-off points in Salida and Buena Vista.  Sign up today for 24/7 access!

Compost available for any time of the year!
We're producing product 12 months a year and fall is a great time to amend your beds - order a few bags of compost today to give your garden a boost!

BV City Market is EMC's first composting grocery store!

Summer 2019 - The City Market store in BV joined the composting team and is cranking out about 3 cubic yards of compost every week.

November temps top 140 degrees

Despite frigid external temps below zero, the compost pile has maintained a core temperature between 90 & 140 degrees.  We even found a few sprouts and mushrooms enjoying the balmy temps!

Contact us today to schedule a pick-up in Salida or Poncha Springs!