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We offer  a variety of programs for local businesses  & residents to begin composting. Visit the services page to learn more.

What We Do

Elements Mountain Compost

Building sustainable soil in Central Colorado since 2014

Where we work

Julie Mach Owner of Elements Mountain Compost
Julie Mach and Slider (the dog!) are transplants to Salida but we claim it as home and keep our hearts in the Rockies.  Ask us about mountain biking, environmental conservation, craft beer, or chasing tennis balls and we'll have an answer for you.  Ask us about composting and we'll get you hooked on the incredible process of transforming elements in your waste to life-sustaining nutrients in your food. We live local and want to see that philosophy come full circle in our mountain communities.

Who we are


Mountain compost

Based in Salida, Colorado, we are lucky enough to have access to a great agricultural property near town where we build great soil from local sources.  The piles are growing and flourishing in all the sun and weather afforded by our banana belt climate which means, even in the winter, we get warm days to reactivate the decomposition process.

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